Herbal Balls Massage

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The herbal heat compress contains numerous healing herbs that complement the massage. The treatment begins with a deep-pressure massage, then a unique poultice of steamed fresh local herbal ingredients applied to help soothe and relax muscle tension and other aches and pains.

Aromatic camphor in the compress eases respiration. Traditional medicine uses herbal heat compression for the treatment of sprains, muscle pain, bruises and swelling.

Benefits of Herbal Balls Massage:
• Relieves and soothes tired, aching muscles and joint pain
• Deep-heat therapy provides extra healing benefits
• Stress relief
• Relaxation
• Stimulating blood circulation
• Postnatal Care Treatment: reduces swelling, drains waste, ideal for a mother recovering from pregnancy

Ingredients: Curcuma aromatic extract, Camphor, Tamarindus indica leaf, Pogostemo extract, Curcuma longa, Citrus x hystrix peel, Zingiber purpureum(Plai), Pandanus odorus extract, Curcuma zedoaria extract, Derris scandens extract, Acorus calamus extract, Cryptolepis buchanani extract, Sodium Chloride, Acacia concinna extract, Eucalyptus leaf & Bauhinia Acuintea extract.

Direction: Soak the compress in warm water for 20 minutes, or steam until the aromas of the essential oil have been stimulated, or put into microwave for minutes and then apply directly to area or body that you desire. When the compress starts to cool down, repeat the process with the second compress while re-heating the first.

After use Leave Herbal compress to dry by natural, put into plastic bag and place in refrigerator. It will keep Herbal compress longer time. One Ball can use about 3-4 times approximately.